If you want an article about 5 best novels, read this

If you want an article about 5 best novels, read this

1. THE ILIAD - Homer (Translated by E. V Rieu)


Note- I’m not covering the characters of this epic, assuming you guys have already done Masters in the movies like– Persi Jackson and Hercules.

As considered to be the first work of Western literature, The Illiad sheds light on the limitless human thinking. While other Europeans were perplexed by the might of Mount Etna, a man with a wandering mind came out to create the Creator. It took him 15,000 magical lines to shape a heavenly world that was destined to define the culture of great Greece.

This story of the famous “Troy” city revolves around the idea of consciousness. It underscores the labyrinth of life to show whether its destiny follows the path of the confrontation going on between… the voice of a person’s soul and that of the Creator’s.

If you love to wander in the cloud with ancient warfare tactics, you would definitely gonna love the smell of its every page.


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I’d always been a prey of anxiety disorder until a turtle came down to my rescue. It is a soul soother, sweet, and one of the best thought-provoking books I always wished to be acquainted with.

This masterpiece has portrayed–how one can survive a never-ending spiral of Mental health issues, anxiety through the medicine of love and compassion.

The way John Green has defined “beauty”– The river is beautiful because you are looking at it– highlights the importance of ” attention” which matters the most.

In the end, you will witness love, resilience, and the power of eternal friendship.


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Being the last pillar of the fascinating Shiva Trilogy, believe me, it would serve you with such a thrilling adventure, you are going to feel like a God fighting a real war.

What I love about it is its narration; it forces you to forget your existence to impatiently sneak the page to know the secret; Filled with love; betrayal; myths; sacrifice and bravery, you are guaranteed to be blown away with the world of Shiva-Parvati.

4. QUIET - Susan Cain

QUIET - Susan Cain
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Nah! You heard it wrong; it’s not “a quiet place” though a horror/thriller. But not in its literal sense; it passionately talks about the hidden and the misunderstood ghost– “Introverts”. A brilliant, illuminating, and empowering world of “Quiet” gives you an insight into the inner world of an Introvert. Filled with real stories, Quiet will change your perspectives about how you see this world and the people thriving around you.

After reading this you will understand why some people seem complex, weird, sensitive, contradictory, at the same time.

Cain has pulled the long-awaited curtain of the reasons behind the misconceptions about the “quiet ones”.

5. PAPER TOWNS - John Green

PAPER TOWNS - John Green
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Another terrific tale of love, funny, pain, and tragedy. The message of this comedy tragedy is– “Future deserves our faith despite its inevitable end”.

The story of a reserved guy named Quentin who has always loved a mysterious beauty, Margo. Whatever happens in the Town of paper, one unavoidable question always haunts a reader: WHO IS THE REAL MARGO?

Just like his other books, including the best selling THE FAULT IN OUR STAR”, he has done a tremendous job to justify the characters and their roles.

If you love Sherlock-to-be and your heart pumps for your Irene Alder, you are most welcome to this incredible PAPER TOWN.

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