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There is very misconception among individuals about newmovienews.info.

Is this an ONLY movie website? Big NO !!!

newmovienews.info The keyword of New Movie News Info has a special significance in itself.
Let me try to simplify it a little bit more. …

NEW: In this section and category, you will find the latest and new articles or posts that talk about technology, machine learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as new things happening in the world.

MOVIE: Here you will get entertainment whether it is Bollywood or Hollywood, film or web series, best movies or most-watched movies, latest or old movie, actor or actress all news.

NEWS: This section includes political philosophy, geopolitics, economics, science and education, and their recent news.

INFO: All the information you want to know whether it is network, relationship, security, and rights, disambiguation, etc. You will get here

Now I think you all must have gone to Illusionary that this is just a movie website, as well as you have come to know what and which type niche of the website.

How When Where

I still remember creating my first website.

No revenue, no traffic, no business. None of that mattered.

It took me weeks to finally figure out how to launch my site.

Figuring out how web hosts worked, how to install WordPress, how to set everything up, buying a domain and pointing it to my website, the steps seemed endless.

After weeks of trial and error, I finally launched my first site.

Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.



NMNI’s mission is to share and enhance the world’s knowledge, knowledge, movies, news, information. A vast amount of information and knowledge that will be valuable to many is currently available to only a few – either locked in people’s heads, or accessible only to select groups. We want to connect with those people who need it, share all things from the same platform from different perspectives so that they can better understand each other, and benefit the rest of the world. To empower everyone to share their knowledge.