Top 13 Acquisitions by Facebook

Acquisitions by facebook

 Founded: 04 February, 2004

Approx value of Acquisitions $22B+

Number of Acquisitions by Facebook 79

Acquisitions by Facebook

Facebook has acquired 79 organizations.

Their most recent acquisition was TheFind, Inc. on March 13, 2015

Facebook is a person-to-person communication site, which empowers individuals to connect, find, share, and collaborate with each other. It has web-based social networking applications that sudden spike in demand for PCs, mobile devices, and different correspondences. You can share your thoughts, feelings, sentiments, recordings, photographs, and various activities with a group of people. The organization was established on February 4, 2004, and founders or mastermind include Mark Zuckerberg, Andrew McCollum, Eduardo P. Severin, Chris R. Includes Hughes, and Dustin Moskowitz. Facebook’s headquarter is situated in Menlo Park, CA.

A great number of Facebook acquisitions are ability based and the majority of them were closed. Mark Zuckerberg once said that we do not buy organizations for content, We buy organizations for its human beings. He believes that it is ideal to gain an organization that has a strong founder. However, Instagram was an exception to this statement.

Number of full-time Facebook employees from 2004 to 2019


Facebook currently has around 44,942 employees and Facebook’s annual revenue for 2019 was $70.697B, a 26.61% increase from 2018. It has 2.07 Billion active users, which is nearly 27% of the world’s population. Facebook has acquired 65 organizations up until now. Its greatest acquisition is WhatsApp, which was shut at $19 Billion. WhatsApp charged $40 per client and this is the manner by which the complete cost was decided. The vast majority of the organizations that Facebook has acquired are situated in the United States and the greater part of them are situated in San Francisco.

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Top Acquisitions by Facebook

LiveRail$500MJuly 2, 2014
Oculus VR$2BNMarch 25, 2014
WhatsApp$19BNFebruary 19, 2014
Branch$15MJanuary 13, 2014
Onavo$150MOctober 14, 2013
Parse$90MApril 25, 2013$100MJune 18, 2012
Instagram$1BNApril 9, 2012
Gowalla$3MDecember 2, 2011
Snaptu$70MMarch 20, 2011
Chai Labs$10MAugust 15, 2010
Hot Potato$10MJuly 28, 2010
FriendFeed$50MAugust 10, 2009

Fun Fact Facebook (FFF)

  • The social network had 44,942 full-time employees as of December 2019, up from just 150 people in 2006.
  • Facebook is the second most popular word which start with “F” and end with “K”, can you guess the first one.
  • Facebook is blue and white due to Zuckerberg color blindness.
  • Most like photo on Facebook is

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