Top 20 Acquisitions by Google

Acquisitions by Google

Founded: 07 September, 1998

Approx value of Acquisitions $19B+

Number of Acquisitions by Google 223

Acquisitions by Google

Google has acquired 223 organizations.

Their most recent acquisition was Pointy on January 22, 2020

Google is a traded on an open market global association, which was worked around the popular internet searcher. Google’s different administrations incorporate OS advancement, program, and application improvement, publicizing advances, distributed computing, and Internet examination.

Google was begun in 1995 by two graduate understudies Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who initially met at the Stanford University. In 1996 both worked together on a project that in the long run ended up being Google. It was at first called BackRub. The creators neglected to get any subsidizing, so they began their office in a Garage in 1998, California.

Google’s main internet products include Google Play, Chrome, Android, Cloud, YouTube, Maps, Commerce, Ads and Search. The organization is likewise known to deliver equipment like Nexus, Chromebooks, and Chromecast. 14% of the portion of Google is claimed by the Larry Page and Sergey Bin, and they oversee 56% through supervoting stock. Sundar Pichai is the current CEO of Google. The company has 118,899 employees as of 2019.

Number of full-time Alphabet employees from 2007 to 2019


Interestingly, the vast majority of the administrations gave by Google are the aftereffect of its acquisitions. For example, one of the main Acquisitions by Google, the Deja News, resulted in Google Groups, DodgeBall became Google Latitude, and JotSpot became Google Voice. It is likewise realized that in the principal half of the year 2013, Google spent through $1.3 billion on acquisitions. To find out other Acquisitions by Google, check the companies listed below:

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Top Acquisitions by Google

Pointy$163MJanuary 22, 2020
Fitbit$2.1BNJanuary 22, 2020
Where is my Train$40MDecember 10, 2018
HTC Mobile$1.1BNSeptember 21, 2017
Apigee$625MSeptember 8, 2016
Bebop$380.2MNovember 19, 2015
Oyster$30MSeptember 21, 2015
Terra Bella$500MJune 10, 2014
Divide$120MMay 20, 2014
Nest Labs$3.2BNFebruary 7, 2014
DeepMind$625MJanuary 26, 2014
Flutter$40MOctober 2, 2013
The Dealmap$30MAugust 1, 2011
LabPixies$25MApril 27, 2010
YouTube$1.6BNOctober 9, 2009
DoubleClick$3.1BNApril 13, 2007
Android$50MAugust 16, 2005
Applied Semantics$102MApril 28, 2003
dMarc Broadcasting$102MJanuary 1, 2006

Google is known to be a web mammoth (an internet giant). Google primarily runs under the name of Alphabet Inc. furthermore, the web crawler is its greatest auxiliary. Google’s every year income is around 89.46 billion. Along these lines, this significant income drove the organization to certain acquisitions. Google acquisitions go as high as 200 organizations and the greatest of them everything is Motorola Mobility, which Google gained for $12.5 billion. but, only several years later, Google sold Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for just $2.9 billion. The greater part of the organizations purchased by Google is situated in the United States.

Does Google own Amazon? 

No. Neither Amazon, nor Google own critical possessions in each other.


  • Both are the best companies in their respective fields.
  • The two (Google and Amazon) companies have completely different areas of work.
  • Their customers are completely different as well as complementary and will remain.

The two of them have exceptionally enhanced proprietorship structures, and seem both to be deliberately enthusiasm for not being needy upon each other.

Google merged several companies but joined a company called Alphabet. Which is Google but Google considers it as its parent company. You can also say here “son came before father


  • Google is a commonly recognized name known far and wide, however, in August 2015 the organization unexpectedly renamed itself ‘Alphabet’ and Google an auxiliary or subsidiary.
  • Alphabet set as a parent organization permitted Google to all the more effectively and sensibly venture into areas outside of web search and promoting, to turn into an innovation combination.
  • Under this new corporate structure, the organization runs the lesser danger of hostile to confide in infringement and is additionally better ready to represent account for income streams from different auxiliaries.

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