A friend of mine, sitting in a pensive mood, asked me, what it feels to be depressed? I first gave her a wandering look, to check whether she was acting funny. After sensing her curiosity I started to gather information. The moment I opened my mouth, she interrupted again… how strange it is, despite being the leader of the biotic pyramid, we humans sometimes act as we belong to the bottom of the table? The way she was murmuring while staring at the ceiling, it scared the hell out of me! So I waited for her consciousness to return, and when she faced me for the first time I triggered the explanation.

“Do you believe in a soul”, I asked. Without bothering to think she replied ” Nyet!”. “Then give it a shot at least for now”, I demanded. She gave a nod as I went on…

Imagine your body lying down on the floor; cops are looking for the clue; your sobbing admirers are trying to cover their faces with shaking hands. Now think… despite witnessing everything, you can’t do anything no matter how hard you try. You can’t touch anyone; can’t explain; all you can is feel horrified by your own body. You become an island that no one wants to be. You cry, cry hard…but it can’t rectify your mistake you have done.

Silence took over the command for a moment. I continued…

There’s a wall that safeguards us from the invading externalities. These include trust deficit, betrayal, immoral practices, diabolic experience, and so on… This wall is much stronger than you could imagine; we call it conscience. To quote Mahatma Gandhi, ” There is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience”. Whatever we intake passes through the proceedings of our conscience before it shapes our attitude, thereby shaping our behavior. Given a person’s emotional intelligence and experience, this wall, which usually acts as a shield for our mental health, can grant access to the Trojan horse hiding guilt, lowered self-esteem, name it. We respond to the invasion by changing our behavior from being realistic to be a prisoner of Plato’s cave, thus, we lose our ability to take pleasure even in ordinary activities.

“Alrighty! Ummm…That was something; That conscience thing and all, but…..” her hand’s gestures were drawing a question mark as she continued, ” but… How can we escape Plato’s cave?”

“yeah, but it would be easier if we do a quick recap in the most acceptable terms”, I justified.

What is it exactly (ANATOMY OF DEPRESSION)?

In psychology, depression is a mental state marked by persistent feelings of sadness and loss of interest. Think of it as dementors: the soulless creatures from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter. It sucks your every good memory, leaving you lonely in a bustling crowd.

What are the causes

Our medical society does not fully understand the causes of depression. There are some possible causes, and sometimes, a cocktail of factors triggers the symptoms.

Factors include social, genetic, environmental, and failure to attain attached desires.

Expecto patronum for dementors

I won’t be suggesting medication; visiting your Doc. would be the best choice. Nevertheless, psychologically, obsolete yet the best cure for depression is prevention. Prevention in the sense that you must have awareness about yourself. It can be done by asking the following questions:

  • (a) What are your values?
  • (b) How flexible your attitudes are?
  • (c) How do you manage your attitude towards failure?
  • (d) Do you have clarity about your surroundings?
  • (e) Do you have reasons for whatever you are willing to do?

These questions are helpful for both self-consciousness and social awareness.


Areas of the brain affected by depression
Areas of the brain affected by depression

Being a social creature, we can’t even imagine surviving on an island. But, it can’t be denied either that friction caused by social influence can make our life miserable if we fail to strike a balance between being pessimistic and optimistic. Too much pessimism is related to low self-esteem and too much confidence invites extreme expectations, which if touched with failure, can cause depression.

“Was it helpful?” I asked softly. “Yeah!!!!!” Her excited baby eyes said it all. “Let me put a cherry on the cake”, I nodded as she went on.

Depression is not a war if one knows how to cope with it. Don’t let your loved ones be a victim of this conundrum. Support them, and Spread love & peace. Don’t let your Will cross your intellect, for you are just a human; you don’t know everything. Therefore, your judgment might cause harm to others. Be safe! And, Be good to them.

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